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See the World in 30 seconds - Challenge
405 2 2017-2-5
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Hello Fellow Fliers!

Looking at all the incredible videos/photos on this forum has got me thinking. Dangerous, I know!  We represent locations all around the world, female and male, the young and the not so old (I'll never admit to getting on in age), all with a common hobby that allows people to travel the world through the eyes of a drone.  Some places we may be lucky enough to visit, others we can only dream about.

What I would like to see, and I hope others will join in, is a bit of a challenge/assignment that will not only show off where you live, but let you have some fun with video editing in the process. Hope I still have your interest at this point

A few basic rules:
1. The video should be 30 seconds in length.  I know that you may have enough material for a feature length film, but keeping it short allows viewers to go through many videos in a single sitting. Besides, it tests your editing skills to see how well you can tell the "story" of where you live in reduced amount of time.

2. The video needs to be shot within 10km (that 6.2 miles for us US residents) of your home.  I know that it would be nice to show off that exotic trip to Iceland or Fiji, but the point is to share the area where you live.  Ideally, you would take off and film from your residence, but I know some people have flight restrictions and need to travel a bit to fly.

3.  Include the following info when posting a video:
    a. Location
    b. Model of Drone
    c.  Time/season of year (if your video contains multiple season, list them all. For example: Spring, Summer)

4. Have fun!  Whether you live in the city, country, frozen tundra, or an exotic island, it doesn't matter. The idea is to share differnt parts of the world with all the fantastic members of this forum.

Hopefully I'll get some takers. I'm looking forward to traveling the world through your eyes, as well as getting started on creating a 30 second video.

Thanks to all those who hung in there and read all this!

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United States

sounds like fun hope people contribute
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Maybe someone could get a few and edit them into one long video travelling around the globe.
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