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Log txt vs log dat
2805 1 2017-2-7
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i have phantom 3 pro

what is the different of the log files coming from the app (*.txt),
and log coming from the aircraft (*dat)?

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Think of these logs as the "black box" you hear reported when recovery crews are searching for them after an accident.

Where piloted aircraft are self contained, our remotely piloted aircraft have the pilot-in-command with a Remote Controller (RC) issuing commands and the aircraft, operating independently, receiving the commands and executing the instructions. The two logs together present the total flight picture/profile in great detail. The logs are very similar as the aircraft sends feedback to the RC, but the aircraft logs are created in finer granularity and include more data. Often with lost connectivity between the aircraft and RC, only the aircraft log will show what really is happenng.

The binary log file for the RC is usually saved to the mobile device since the RC doesn't have it's own SD card memory device. (The Mavic RC does have internal memory and keeps an additional log internally). The binary log file for the aircraft is stored on an internal SD Card INSIDE the aircraft. In the Phantom, it's glued above the battery compartment on the bottom of the main controller board. It's where your settings are also stored. You gain access to the log data by connecting a USB cable to the P3 and accessing Flight Data Mode in the GO App.

There are numerous websites that can convert these binary files into comma seperated value files. Two offline programs can also convert these files:

For Remote Controller TXT log files -> Ferraript has an Offline TXT FlightRecord Converter to CSV file, click here to investigate this utility...

For Aircraft DAT log files -> BudWalker GUI Version of DATConverter to CSV file, click here to investigate this utility

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