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Service center in Carson, CA very slow - warranty issue for jello
748 2 2017-2-9
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I sent my Mavic in to the service center in Carson, CA becuase I was getting jello in the videos.  I tried fixes like IMU and gimbal calibration myself before sending it, and also made a video for DJI showing the problem to make sure that it's not to be expected.  DJI said to send it in, so I did.  I paid to send it back at fast shipping because I need it for events coming up soon.  It arrived last Friday according to the tracking number, and the form they sent back said they'd replace the camera and gimbal, which they estimated would take 2 hours of repair time.  It's said 'under repair' for the last two days, so I contacted DJI chat support, and they said the repair team thinks it will be 2-3 weeks.  2-3 weeks for a warranty issue!  This isn't even something that's my fault due to a crash! I really need to have it back quickly.  Anything you official DJI guys on this forum can do? My case number is CAS-429258-D6V9Y3.  I want to pay to have it shipped back by air, and I need it back as soon as possible. The most important date to have it back by is March 8th, when I'll be flying to Luxembourg and France (from Canada), but I also have things to film for business before then.  I even put $20 beer money in the box with the Mavic for the repair guys, so I hope they  can do better than 2-3 weeks on a job that according to their form will take 2 hours.
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I asked for expedited return shipping on a controller repair. Support person told me if I request for shipping speed change, I will be put back in a queue and have to wait three extra days. That made no sense, so I just got off the phone. I'm accustomed to dealing with Apple on service which is extraordinarily organized, logical, and timely. I was not prepared for this level of service by DJI. I hope it improves.
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i had a similar issue. needed to return mine but i was  going out of town on a trip i planned with having the mavic.
they told me the return label was good for 30 days and to just send it back after my trip.

now i have, however they wanted my entire fly more combo boxed and returned. i am suppose to be getting a brand new fly more combo.
if this one doesn't work then i'm gonna consider a refund (not what i want but i am not gonna shell out that much cash for one that "mostly" works.

good luck with yours.
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