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United States

Hi all. I just picked up an Osmo+ and I had a few questions?

1. After setting everything up, I saw the notification to upgrade (on the DJI Go App) and I did it. Does updating it on the app automatically update the gimbal itself? I noticed in the manual there were instructions to load some file into the memory card and putting the memory card in the Osmo. So my question again, do I have to do the App update AND load what ever file that is onto my memory card? Or do I only have to do ONE OR THE OTHER?

2. I have been hearing the rumors of a new camera/handle, do you think it's worth getting that instead? I know specificities of the product are all in the air. Like apple products where there aren't much differences between year to year when they come out. But do you all think there will be significant differences and improvements in this theoretical "new" product?

Thanks for your thoughts in advance.
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United Kingdom

Yes, you need to update the Firmware too. Download the latest update here:
Unzip the download, it will give you a bin file. Copy the bin file to the root directory of your memory card. Insert the card into your Osmo and stand the Osmo in a stable safe position.
Switch on the Osmo and the update will begin automatically. The camera lights will flash red/green for a few minutes, when the update is finished the Osmo will beep "D.DD"
There is a video here: ... D374%26typeid%3D374

Have fun

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