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I2 / X5s 5.2K RAW Sample Files
1356 0 2017-2-12
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First Officer
Flight distance : 2426230 ft
United States

Not sure if there are any interest, but I have a couple of clips I can share for people to test with.

ISO 100
Shutter: 1/60
30 fps
Olympus 45mm

One has slightly more motion than the other, but they basically consist of the same subject.
"Truck 1" folder : 2.61 GB (faster motion)
"Truck 2" folder: 2.91 GB (slower Motion)

Share location:

I will be traveling within the next 3 days or so, and will be getting more content. I can put more if there are any request? (ProRes 422 / 4444)

*Side Note* This is on my personal server, would be nice if you could give me an idea of the download speeds you are getting, and where you are located, TY.
Truck 1.JPG
Truck 2.JPG
Use props
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