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A cautionary battery firmware upgrade tale
650 1 2017-2-13
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I'm going to be doing a lot of speculation here, but here is the sequence of upgrade events I just went through

1. I got my P3S about a week ago, did all the firmware update, IMU calibration stuff with no problems.
2. Got a bigger sd card and replaced the stock card, which had firmware binarys and text files (My first mistake)
3. Bought Litchi and started using it almost exclusively (Not a mistake)
4. Bought some new batteries (My second mistake)
5. Downloaded the new iOS version of DJI Go as I had downgraded to 2.9.1 after reading this board.  Launched it just to make sure it loaded correctly, but did no flying.  
6. DGI Go's startup status reported a firmware update was needed.  Got confused by this becuase I had already upgraded to 1.8.10.  The reported firmware version was 1.6.80.  There was no button to press to download the firmware, however.  This was not good.
7. Did some noodling around and finally figured out that the battery firmware needed updating, but ... the problem was that the new sd card did not have the binaries.  
8. Installed the old sd card, but that didn't solve the problem for the new batteries.
9. Finally, after reading this board, removed the success text file from the card, left the binaries and bam, the firmware update downloaded to the new card and the battery updated.  Had to repeat this for the second battery.  What is strange is that now even though the new sd card had the firmware binaries, DJI Go had to re-downoad the binaries again before it would let me perform the update.
10. On the plus side, the battery update only took a couple of minutes.  Go is now reporting the correct firmware version.

So, I just need confirmation that this is kind of expected behavior when you do something stupid like removing the card with the firmware updates when you buy new batteries that have older firmware.  Does this all make sense?
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Do you have a question? ;-)

Sounds as though you have completed the updates and all is good.

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