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Follow Me mode runaway
734 0 2017-2-21
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I was flying today the different Intelligent Flight Modes (IFM's) with a Phantom 3 Advanced. The Phantom has the latest Firmware, aswell the Remote Controller.
I was using my Samsung S6 mobile device, with the DJI GO app version 3.1.3. and GPS active.

Twice I engaged the Follow Me mode, Follow Me mode was active and the Aircraft (AC) was hoovering; distance 10m, height 15m, gimbal pointing in my direction.
After walking with the controller, suddenly the AC went flying fast in another direction. I switched to F-GPS and the AC stopped and hoovers. The direction of the (runaway) AC was the second time different from the first time.
In the flightlog  of the DJI GO app I was able to see the flight. There were no errors and the GPS on the AC was receiving 16 sats.

A friend adviced me not to use the Follow Me mode using the DJI GO app. The Litchi app works fine in the Follow Me mode.

Has anyone experienced the same or has a solution?

Use props
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