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Night Skyline P4Pro H.265 vs H.264
821 0 2017-2-26
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Flight distance : 325659 ft
United States

I shot a couple of videos on successive nights of the skyline in my city.  The first is from Feb 24th and was shot at 4k/60p H.264 using the P4P4ro on a clear night.

The second was shot on Feb 25th at 4k/30p H.265 using the P4Pro, but it was cloudy that night so not quite identical conditions.

I exported the first at about 90 mbps using Adobe, and the second at 150 mbps (to try and simulate the extra quality of H.265 in the original stream).  I believe you have to export H.264 for youtube and vimeo so I could not really export using H.265

Here are the 2 videos for comparison -

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