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As usual, doing things backward
585 1 2017-2-27
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So my 1st drone is the P4P+.
Love flying. Love the pictures and video. Amazing.
Hate how limited the built in screen is.
So I bought the standard RC, been using it with my Pixel XL.
But, im noticing DJI has a love affair with apple, and it seems better performance. (bites tounge)

So after some reading and research it seems an ipad pro with a cellular chip is the best way to go?
Sans cellular chip, I would lose some functionality, but I cannot tell what functionality. I would like to use 3rd party applications like DJI GS and Litchi so im trying to figure out what is the best tablet.
Also, if im going with a tablet this big, I would assume I need a special mount of some form?

Thanks for any advice you can provide.
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Welcome to the quad-copter world...and the world of DJI.
The Pro is huge and there are adapters for it out there (eBay) but in my opinion, too big and awkward.  I personally use the iPad Air 2 with WiFi+cell (Verizon). and that seems to work beautifully with it.  I also have a Mini 4 for my Mavic and that as well seems to work great.  I like the bigger screen on my P4P.  
I'm not sure about the 3rd party apps, but I heard that there are glitches in those as well.  Keep in mind, everything has a glitch of some sort, so you just kind of have to live with it until DJI or 3rd party fixes it in an update.
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