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Mavic Focus help.
438 0 2017-3-2
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United Kingdom

Hi all.

New Mavic and pro drone user, so this question maybe a repeat of past threads.

Had my Mavic for just shy of 2months now, Id say im getting very compitent at shooting and knowing what settings need to be changed in different scenarios.

However, recently my Mavic is having some focus issues.
Im currently using the DJI GO app.

Issue 1:
The focus is utterly useless in manual and auto, tapping the screen or altering the focus wheel doesnt brint it into focus.
I have callibrated the gimbal, cleaned the camera, restarted the app and it would still be out of focus.
When I say out of focus, the whole image is blurred, both video and picture..
It will only recorrect itself once i have quit the app, turned off the remote and Mavic, then turn it all back on and its ok.
Ive provided an example.

1:40. Im using course lock, and you can see the focus move across the waterfall bringing some parts into focus and blurring the rest.

Issue 2:
My focus is sort of like a tunnel vision.
I will tap the screen to focus on an area but everything around the tapped area is out of focus.
I know that sounds daft and sort of what the focus does, but I dont see another other Mavic shot vidoes with the same extreme amout of blurr around the screen that i am seeing with my videos.
An example of this is in this video I shot of a waterfall (ffwd 40sec). As you can see the left of the waterfall is in focus, but everything else is horrifcally out of focus.

Ive looked at various different settings videos but none seem to have the answer im looking for, If anyone can aid me that would be magical and il send you an easter egg.

Am i doing something wrong? is there a setting im missing?
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