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392 0 2017-3-8
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United States

How does DJI ship to US dealers? I ask because I've seen three different ship dates for the Mavic sleeve. I pre ordered the sleeve from B&H Photo (no est. ship date given). Since has the sleeve shipping 10-15 days after payment, I figured this would be standard across the board. Well, it's been 15 days and no word from B&H about my order being shipped. Checked with B&H today and was told that the sleeve wouldn't ship until the end of April. Checked on Amazon and found that the sleeve is available to ship today, but the price is $20. I could buy 3 sleeves for that price. The seller is DJI, so I'm not sure why the increase in price, unless they are including the shipping.

I just wonder why DJI has so many unrealiable ship dates. Not that it really matters that much, after all it's just a sleeve, but it's weird how the dates are so inconsistant.
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