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status CASE CAS-460614-T7C7F2 and professional impact French Com...
765 2 2017-3-9
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I am a pro driver declared for 2 years and it is the first time that I subscribe to this type of contract because insurance RC Pro but that does not necessarily cover the hardware breakdown ... from where I purchase the dji care service
P4 Pro has its output and one of the first to receive it, and IMU problem calibration so impossible already to use it to buy so RMA ...
In short I work with 1 month and a half and crash on a quarry while I had done the same day, already 6 flights in the morning ...
Machine drops of 8 meters, hidden Gimball, chassis magnesium breaks, foot abyss and 2 helices blocked and broken in their location rotors, impossible to deplug without unscrewing the 3 screws to remove the broken helices for the expedition. And I put the 3 screws on the rotors ...
CASE info: CAS-460614-T7C7F2 if admins from the forums can put pressure ... it would be cool because the time almost and the word is weak.
Opening the ticket on 17/2, sending flight logs and opening the ticket
Wait for the UPS slip for shipping and received by mail on 21/2 !! It is long ...
UPS removal scheduled on 22/2 in Lyon and reception at dji NL on 28/2 for treatment and diagnosis ...
Quotation on 3/3/17 and he asks me to pay in a first time 99 euros via paypal, very shocked because according to their close and
if I take what is advertised on DJI
DJI Care is a repair contract for your drone Phantom 4 Pro and Pro + that will allow you to fly serenely.
This service covers piloting errors, collisions, interference problems and fall-related damage.
The drone will be taken care of for 1 year.
One year protection for your drone
Up to 2 replacements
DJI support
He asks me to pay, since I want to work quickly I execute the payment on Friday March 3 at 11:30 and I wait for the takeover.
I receive a new mail at 13:30 for a new quotation at 139 euros and apologizes for a bug in their system and asks to pay again
The I begin to get to me and tells them that it is their fault and their internal problem and not mine ....
Leu system receives payment on their box follow-up on March 6 !!!! So 3 days to wait ... super !!
And since March 6 I wait because it announces 2 to 3 working days of repair ..
I relaunch them by mail because I have a benefit to realize Tuesday, March 14 in the morning and I want to be on to have my machine and the support announces me ..;
We have problems with spare parts and we are not sure to repair you in time and means that if I ask them not or is my repair, I would have no return .. and I ' I subscribed the DJI CARE P4PRO within 4 hours after purchase !!
So they do not give a damn about the customer's mouth and the DJI CARE is not respected !!!!!!
From: Johan Milani []
Sent: jeudi 9 mars 2017 16:12
To: 'DJI Care'; 'Support.eu1'; 'Support'; ''
Cc: ''
Subject: status CASE CAS-460614-T7C7F2 and professional impact French Comapny UAV services
Importance: High
Hello, I come back once more to have precise news about the return of my P4Pro in repair to you following a ticket opened on February 17
To date, as you can see, the status has not changed since Monday, March 6 and you announce a repair time of 2 to 3 days and this delay has not changed as of Thursday March 8th.
  I have subscribed and contracted your contract dji care for P4PRO (Agreement No.: X730LZ91IB4M65EO
I paid for repairs on Friday, March 3! A little long like return with a contract dji care ... I pay you by paypal on Friday March 3 at 11:49
And more nothing advances !!!!
I have a mission to perform on Tuesday, March 14 at 9:00 am in France with the P4pro (attached French administrative document and order of mission)
You do not respect your commitments to date and the law of European consumption and I have the right to demand replacement by a new one is Article 220-10 of the European Consumer Code ....
I can perform my mission for my client, I will initiate the criminal proceedings that 'it should be against your company and services,
So I want to send it this day or at the latest of a new machine without waiting longer the repair in progress and I will make to you undergo, if it is not the case the financial impacts of the loss of my mission
I want feedback please of your service or mananger
Johan Milani
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We apologize for the unpleasant experience.
After creating the case, it will takes 1-2 business days to send you the shipping label. Since your case has been created at Friday, we sent you the shipping label at Tuesday.
I can comprehend your feelings and I have brought this to our management.
We will escalate the case for you and get it solved as soon as possible.
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hello i stop to believe DJI and you dont respect Customer to take DJI care service and i wait my product more 1 month and i cannot work :
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