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RTH problem (and other) related to VPS ?
342 0 2017-3-11
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First Officer
Flight distance : 1389931 ft
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Since the 3rd flight with my P4P (and after the last firmware update) I have a lot of problems :
- RTH not working : it climbs way over RTH height or stops hundred meters before the home point
- attitude problem : with 100% forward stick (in GPS mode with all sensors enabled) it goes at 2m/s then suddenly accelerate to its normal speed, then stops again...
- same problem while I want to land : it refuses to descend then suddenly start to lower (climbing and yawing without any problems)

I tried a lot of things :
- ATTI mode : seems to allow a normal behaviour of the craft (but this is not a solution for "general" flights)
- downgrade to previous firmware : doesn't change anything
- IMU and compass cal : doesn't change anything

As nothing solve the problems, I decided to update again to the last firmware version and made a test flight with all sensors disabled... doing so I did not encounter the attitude problems mentionned above. And so I thought calibrating the sensors using DJI Assistant would solve everything... unfortunately no

This morning, during 2 flights I decided to make a last test : disable only the downward vision sensors (in the advanced settings)
- RTH did work correctly (but the landings were a little bit hard and precision landing didn't work despite the fact i checked the box at takeoff to allow precise landing)
- no more attitude problems going frontward, backward or down.

Could it be a hardware problem ? I'm a little bit desperate with my brand new P4P
Use props
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