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Waypoints question
573 1 2017-3-11
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I had a 3DR Solo before - in Cable-Cam mode I could set points on a route around something interesting like a house, point the camera (yaw and gimbal pitch) and the drone would very gradually transition between the points automatically adjusting the yaw and gimbal pitch smoothly. It allowed me to get some pretty professional results with zero skill.  I liked swooping down from an aerial shot gimbal down into a profile wide shot gimbal up, and let the drone effectively keep the gimbal pointing at the house - then move around the house at ground level.

From what I can tell, the equivalent on the Mavic is Waypoints in Adjustable Heading mode. But it doesn't seem to include the gimbal. Am I right or am I missing something?  Is there a better way to achieve the thing I had with the Solo?  Maybe Point of interest mode is going to achieve this?  Haven't tested it yet but it seems too restrictive (i.e. Just circling at a given altitude) - I want to prerecord a flight path but not worry about orienting the camera smoothly.

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The Litchi software is a much better waypoint solution imho and has the functionality you seek.
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