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A feature idea, quick framing view with brighter screen
637 0 2017-3-13
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On sunny day especially when using sun glasses I see very difficult to see Ipad Mini 4 screen for framing still photos. Basically ground area looks black if sky is visible and by removing sunglasses ground areas becomes barely visible. I see it very difficult to get photo framed as it should and photo lightning adjustment in air is just a distant dream and auto settings with 5 step RAW bracketing does the job.

Workaround with current features: Adjust shutter speed (right side roll on transmitter) so that image will become much brighter, then pilot could adjust framing as target requires and then return shutter speed back to default by rolling back. This is not comfortable because while photos are saved to SD - card are adjustments ignored. I mean I could roll as much want and lightning does not change until saving is done. While photos are saved it would be good time to make another framing but screen is dark and framing can't be done until saving process is completed and roll adjustments are effective.

A new feature: A DJI Go setting which is linkable to C1 or C2. Settings does temporary shutter speed adjustment just for framing purposes. A single click adjust lower shutter speed (brighter over exposured view) and second click returns it back to normal exposure. This applies even writing to SD - card is active.

Another idea selectable by user in settings: Screen view is always as bright as needed for flying and framing. It is done either by software or by shutter but much brighter anyway. When photo is shot settings are returned for still photo mode for as long as photo capture requires. So basically make framing priority instead of lightning adjustment.

Third idea which is combination of two before but reversed: As a priority is flying and framing. So screen is always over exposured as default. When either C1 or C2 is pressed once screen view is changed to represent photo lightning for adjustments and another C1 or C2 pressing returns back to flying and framing mode.

How bright?: Selectable by user from zero to some level.

Even on video mode I would rather see what I'm filming to keep proper framing rather than poor representation of video lightning.
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