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Osmo Pro fault
819 0 2017-3-24
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Hi everyone

I  have an Osmo Pro that has had a  re-occurring fault and now back again for the 2nd time for repair.

Fault was gimbal spining out dropping, audio not trecordnig, files taknig a long time to finalise when hitting stop record. Carrying on recording even when gimbal spun out and went limp.

On inspection first time round the pins in the handle had some how become bent - couldnt fathom this out as the collar and side bracket I presume would minimise any lateral movement.

I have the standard setup, plus the follow focus and also the Z Axis. Using an Iphone 7 plus

Thought I'd spell it out in case anyone else had the same issues?

Checked the OSMO on Monday before filming this week - all fine and test shots recorded. Didn't attach the follow focus or Z axis.

On location built the unit, added the follow focus and then started getting back the old errors I experienced before the first time repair, gimbal dropping and spinning out, beeping at me. Generally unresponsive. the odd flick of the finger would sometimes make the camera start to level and work, then beep, back to droop and unresponsive

Multiple turn on/offs - on power up no video feed- just blank screen with data overlayed

Stripped rebuilt from scratch - same problems.

Also same old problem of audio not being written to files - taking age to finalise when hitting stop on record

So this error has happened twice now and only after I purchased the follow focus and Z Axis - both of which add considerable weight to the Osmo.

On Inspection, the pins look slightly bent again in the handle - they were really bent the first time I sent this back some touching.

Really careful about how I put this together, all done in the correct order so not user error for sure.

I think the weight of follow focus, combined with iPhone 7 is causing the pins to move/touch slightly which is causing these problems as I didn't have it at all before I invested in the extra bits.

Out of the few initial recordings i did make - no audio - file wont play back directly in Quicktime but if i import into Premier Pro it will.

First time round with this fault I had files with no audio and a few that did record a bit - but massivley out of sync.

Memory cards are all Sandisk extreme Pro - so data shouldnt be a problem

I shoot in 4K, 25 FPS.

Does anyone have any thoughts or had similar problems?



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