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DJI, please lower the start up sound when USB in connected
1157 2 2017-3-26
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Jesper J
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Dear DJI

This would be a nice quickfix in the next update of the Matrice 600, when initializing at powering up, please either lower og kill the start up sound if a USB cabel is connected, when updating, testing and other stuff in the office, you literly get deaf of the high sound and you can almost feel it in your bones.

At the moment we haft to put something over the entire craft each time we power it on inside.

Thanks in advance

- Jesper J

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Second Officer
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I concur, at night when the house is asleep and I want to test something I get a big thumbs down from the delicate people who think sleeping at 2am is the normal thing to do..what whimps.
A software switch would be good.

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Patrice The Mat
United States

Here we are almost 6 months after the last post in this thread asking for a reduced-volume start up sound.  I just assembled and powered up my new M600 Pro and I look forward to flying it sometime in early 2018 when my ears stop bleeding.

I know this is an "industrial" level type UAS but the ears I was born with are only the regular "consumer" versions and they are in pain from being non-consensually drum-blasted every time I turn this thing on!
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