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Osmo Joystick
1235 1 2017-3-28
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Has anyone else experienced the thumb control / joystick button to pop off?

One of the times I was using my Osmo I pulled it out of the case while inside of my car then walked away from the car and truned on the osmo and noticed the joystick cover was gone. I walked back and fourth between the car and where I discovered it was gone and couldnt find it. So I proceeded to the event I was on my way to and was able to still move the gimbal by the little nub inside the controller, which was a pain.

At the end of the day I get back to the car and look all over again and there it is on the floor mat of the car, I was so relieved I wasnt sure if I was going to be able to purchase a replacement piece or find something that would work.

Has anyone else had this happen or been able to replace it?
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It just happened to me as well, and hoping that the only service center here in Norway has a spare to send me. I'm not going to send it in for repairs and having to wait weeks or months to have it repaired.
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