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1235 1 2017-3-28
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So Blair, Blair, Blair,
Hello, I find this situation for professional pilots accredited with the French civil aviation general management (ED 00697) deplorable on behalf of the world's first manufacturer of DJI drone ....
You create a service for the NFZ, very good but to provide the service to the height of this service ... you send emails to customers (me) asking to have the devices up to date with the latest firmware with a generic mail. .
ok we follow your instructions and we send you later the information concerning the GPS coordinates of flight as well as the administrative documents of the mission asked by our signed customers and the protocols validated by the airports to carry out our missions so that DJI validates The unblocking of the zone ..
We receive from DJI 2 mails => an email of and an email of "" that integrates the unlocking of the temporary zone for our mission...
Why we subsequently receive a new mail from you asking us to downgrade the firmware version of the machines, I quote
"Thank you for the reply.
For Mavic Pro, please do not upgrade its firmware to V01.03.0500, Phantom4 Pro to 01.03.0417 and Inspire2 not to 01.00.0240. Because these firmware do not support unlocked Restricted zones and need to wait for next firmware.
We have unlocked the area for your aircraft in our server.
Please double check all the information about unlocking.
I check this information by making a pre-visit on my flight zone in order to guarantee upstream my mission and the ... nothing works, impossible to unlock the requested areas' knowing there is no error GPS coordinates on my part and on the part of DJI "... I made 200 kilometers to check this bu or problem again  !!!!
And you send email "
Thank you for the reply.
Only when the aircraft is placed in the zone which we have unlocked with good gps signal, the 'enable whitelist unlock' can be turned on.
May i know the address where you try to fly it?
Please have a double check the GPS's area coodinates which we habe unlocked.
Has not specified that there is still a bug with the products IOS apple on the version DJI GO 4.0.6 !!!!!!
And you send me another email again telling me:
"And use an android device to do unlocking as V4.0.6 DJI Go app cannot do it.
Any problem, please feel free to tell me.
Thanks for choosing DJI. Have a nice day!"
Are you serious about your service at DJI ????? You are not able to globalize your mails and processes and ensure products that work on all platforms android and IOS !!!!! You lack developer and engineers at DJI and manager to create procedures worthy of your company !!!
I am outraged by your services, outraged at the lack of respect that you face the professionals of the image and video in France who uses your products to work !!!
If your NFZ service does not work and disable it well and let the people declared working in the civil aviation !!!!!
And I lost again customer from error DJI and money again
You do not give a damn about your customers' problems and you do not bring any solution in this kind of situation and I lose 3 days of shooting because of DJI worth 3000 euros !!
So what is the compensation on the part of DJI in my case ....

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OP,  I apologize for the inconvenience you encountered. I've reported this to our engineers and hopefully we'll have a better mechanism to unlock NFZ soon.
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