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Firmware upgrade v01.10.01.40
657 2 2017-4-3
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I am trying to upgrade my aircraft to v01.10.01.40 but I can't seem to get it to work.  I am following the process outlined on dji's website but it still doesn't seeem to work.  Any suggestions?

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Donnie *
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Make sure you are  choosing the X5 camera option from the drop down list ( Look at example ) if you own the Inspire pro , I am assuming you do  becasue this is a common problem .  Be sure to select the camera system from the "Product Select " drop down list , then it will bring you to the downloads page you want .  
If you own the X3 Inspire it will default  to that Firmware , IF THIS IS THE CASE then read  my tips page for more possible ideas to solve your issue. Usually it boils downt to the wrong FW or the SD card is not formatted correctly and or you are using a MAC for the download , Use a PC if you are having troubles, ( If you have a MAC ).

****NOTE : Not all MAC users have issues , I own  a MAC and love it, BUT some members do have FW  issues and loading via the PC solves the issue for whatever reason ..... I dont make the rules I just figure out ways around them.
Make sure you update the Aircraft first then the RC and DO NOT  do them at the same time ( If you need to upgrade both , depending on where you are currently at on the FW on the AC and RC )


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Have you had a chance to check the .zip file you downloaded for the correct camera, like Donnie mentioned? When you say it doesn't work, do you mean that it continues to fail or that it doesn't seem to respond with any audio queues at all?
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