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Matrice 100 full functional with 1 bat, controller $1200 (yes/no?)
748 0 2017-4-9
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Sorry for the click bait but it's the point anyway.  So it's new enough that the controller still has the protection decals on it.

And all the trimmings of a brand new Matrice 100 for $1200.

From the broken one (he has two frames, one he crashed and a new one he flew for like 20 minutes) he has a battery that is of no use because he left it dead for soo long that it is puffy and I wouldn't fly with it even if it would take a charge which it wouldn't.  The good battery I have is the 4500mah 99.90Wh 22.2V TB47D and if I get another one and the housing for it which he said I could just take off the other one, I can use these two bats simultaneously right?

Is that price right?  The dude selling it to me is mega super rich and he bought one (and that one actually has guidance, with all the sensors) but somehow he crashed it and then he got his new one and that was a long time ago.

Now he just gave it to me to go test.

If it flies, and it all seems good, is there any reason I shouldn't buy it?

Isn't that a more than good price, like I could sell it on ebay for twice that right now?

Not that I would, I am thinking of a couple uses for it but I had no interest in a Matrice 100 before he showed me he had one and did I want it because he knows me as he is a UPS postal point and I get a lot of deliveries from him regarding UASs.

He said he would throw in the broken Matrice 100 which has the frame, the Guidance includong all sensors and platform, and probably a perfectly working flight board, PDB, ESCs and whatver else is in there.  Something is obvioulsy broken but I bet he would throw in the broken one if I offered him $300 more.

I feel like I am asking the obvious but I wanted to make sure I am not being tricked. Is that not an amazing price for a base model (wihtout camera even), I would imagine I would probably throw on a mobias or if I'm feeling juanty a gimbal X3 because right now I would have to fly it LOS wihtout an image on the software even.

So yes or no?



I'm sorrry for the repeition and my usual long posting for thing tnat could be said more concise. I don't know what is happening to me as I age but my ADHD is gettig worse and my abilitu to fix it is non-existent. I just completely feel this doesn't make sense and I want to hear either "it's priced pretty good, go ahead", or "Dude, buy it, that guy is nuts!" (this is my preferred choice) as I love getting good deals. I never once in my life thought I wanted the 100 (I do however want the 200 but different story).
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