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This might sound like a stupid question, but i hope not.
Im looking to improve the overall finished quality of my videos.
Im a new user of Adobe Premiere and this in itself is helping me to achieve a better end result.
However there is still room to improve when i compare my video to some of the more professional looking videos on YouTube.
I have the P3P, so 4k ability but i only ever video in 1080p due to only having HD pc hardware available.
I've heard that shooting in 4k and downscaling in post production can give better quality than just straight 1080p from the sd card.
I have not tried this with the P3P but i did try shooting some footage with my GoPro Hero 5 Black and downscaling in post production but to be honest i didn't notice any improvement.
So i would appreciate any experienced opinions to the following questions:

Is it worth down scaling 4k footage from the sd card to 1080p in post production?

Is it worth the financial outlay of investing and upgrading to a 4k monitor and other associated hardware?

Should i just stick with 1080p?

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Certain resizing methods might sharpen the video a little, but overall downscaling shouldn't affect the quality much. You do have more data to play with when shooting at 4K, so if you crop the footage a lot and stuff like that, you might want to consider 4K. Most video editing programs can utilize proxys, which means rendering the raw footage in a lower resolution to make the editing workflow smoother.
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If you only have HD PC hardware, how do you intend to edit 4K and downscale?
If the PC can handle 4k then use it, upload to youtube in max res.
On the other hand if only to be played on your hardware, and you can only play 1080p, you are unlikely to see any difference.
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