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Mac users... Before Firmware Update Format USB Stick
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don't forget to format new or old USB sticks before firmware update...

first success with controller 1:For what ever reason, I was able to upgrade our "pilot" RC controller using newest firmware on a USB stick.  I just got one from my desk, trashed various files, copied the .bin firmware file and proceded to upgrade.  all went fine.

failure with controller 2:
Then after erasing the .txt file report (as many people mention here in the forums...) I put the same USB stick into the second "camera operator" RC controller to repeat the procedure.  It would not upgrade.  Tried many times.... did chat with DJI folks... who sent me special .bin file to run.  Tried again and no luck.

solution !!
It seems that some RC controller units manfuctured may have different operating system requirements??  ie: one of my controllers, could read a USB stick formatted that was formatted in a Mac with the usual "Mac OS Extended (journaled)" format... BUT it seems the USB stick for some controllers will only reconize sticks formatted MS-DOS (FAT).

As simple as that.... all worked perfectly.  I hope this helps someone out.

NOTE: dundee's NEW excellent flowchart states format the USB stick (FAT) which you can find below....

dundee !!!  excellent chart !!!

New guide for installing new firmware
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