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DJI support: redressing the balance
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United Kingdom

I've read a lot of posts where customers have experienced issues regarding DJI support cases.

I wanted to add my experiences to go some way to redressing the balance - its natural to post when there's a problem and not to bother when there isn't.

My first case was an X3 with a broken yaw arm and no picture. It was out of warranty and I sent it in for a repair quote. The repair centre quoted me £42 for the repair, which given the postage was paid for and the turnaround was about a week and a half, I was extremely pleased with.

My second case was an X5, which I'd bought not working,second hand. Despite my best efforts, the gimbal was dead on the Inspires and Osmo I tested it on (although the camera had a green light and could write to the SD card) I posted this into the DJI service centre for an out-of-warranty repair quotation. It was a great and pleasant surprise when they responded about four days later to say they would fix/replace it free of charge.

Overall, my experience has been that the service has been above and beyond what I could have expected and I am extremely grateful for it. I suspect that for all of the bad cases that are posted, a great many positive ones go unrecorded.
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Thank you for the positive feedback, it's very much appreciated!
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