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Possible firmware update help...
699 0 2015-3-2
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United Kingdom

Ok, many many times have I tried to do the update, with no joy on the Inspire. Controllers updated fine, just couldn't get it to work on the bird.

So, Aready I know this isn't going to solve the problem for all else who are suffering, but I took my kit to my friendly shop where I purchased it from. He too, tried to update, but to no avail. We finally tried a gimbal from an unboxed Inspire, and guess what... updated in no time at all. I've spent two days trying do do it!!

I appreciate not everyone has a local/helpful shop/supplier, but I found a fix, and hope it may help others..

I'm going to keep an eye on further updates, and if the problem crops up again, will be changing the gimbal.

Now, outside to play...

Use props
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