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Lightbridge 2 + Blackmagic BMPC4K
917 1 2017-4-14
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Dear all,

I have a Ronin-M, a Ronin-MX and a Blackmagic Production Camera 4K.
First I read many times that the BMPC4K does not fit in Ronin-M. That's wrong it fits not perfectly but it fits. You just need to place the camera behind the articulation. In fact to get a proper balance with a too light lens (like Canon 24mm or 50mm) I made a small kit of counterweight (150g, 100g, 50g) that I screw in the lens support of the quick release plate. With a Sigma 17-50 EX DC HSM no counterweight is needed and the camera just touch the left articulation exactly at the limit of the black rubber of the camera.

But it is not my question I'd like to buy a S600 for getting my cameras in the air! I'd like to embed my Ronin-MX. My question is the Lightbridge 2 connection.
Since the BMPC4K has only Thunderbolt or SDI monitoring output how do I connect to the S600 lightbridge port?
Do I need to fly a SDI to HDMI converter powered on a P.TAP plug?
I have also the DJI remote start-stop and a 2,5mm lanc cable for it. Does it works with the S600?
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I use a Blackmagic SDI to HDMI micro converter (see link below), which I power via the USB port on the Ronin MX power board. This leaves the P-Tap free to power other devices, such as a follow focus.

I then use the rear battery mount extension on the Ronin MX to power the camera from a secondary P-tap, as trying to power the camera and follow focus from the gimbal power supply is too much. ... uVNA5xoCw30QAvD_BwE
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