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398 0 2017-4-15
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Second Officer
Flight distance : 79692 ft
United Kingdom

I went for a test flight around the fields out back of my house & had a bit of a moment. With the bit rate settings as low as it goes, (in order to try & eliminate the serioius screen glitching problem) I sent the drone out accross the fields. All seemed perfect, then at one point it went behind some trees probably less than 400meters away & suddenly the screen glitched & then lost all communication. Then a few moments later the notice bellow came up on screen. Why would this happen?
It was sunny so I had trouble seing what it was & began to become quite uneasy about the whole situation what with losing contact & this notice taking up the whole screen. After a short while I pressed the RTH & by the time the drone had reached home I had managed to get rid of the on screen notice. I have not had a chance to fly since with the bit rate increase & the USB debug on.
How does the bitrate affect the craft? Doese this lessen the communication & flight distance?

P4 / Go4

Use props
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