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Stick Error Message
1099 2 2017-4-16
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M Stuart K
First Officer
Flight distance : 1267717 ft
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United States

Today after powering up the mavic controller it started beeping loudly with a message across the screen that read: "Stick Error+Re-CTR Stick".  I had no idea what was going on but I kept moving the sticks around and the beeping just continued.  For some reason it went away and I flew one battery.  
After placing a fresh battery in the drone and powering everything back up it started the same error message and beeping again.  I then went into the settings and clicked on: calibrate controler or sticks or something (can't remember).  It took a bit to get it done but finnally did a sucessful stick calibration.  Yet, when I took off with the mavic I found the the right stick forward movement was not effective.  I pushed the stick and the drone just remained in place.  All of the other functions on both sticks was still working.  I decided to call it a day.  

After arriving home I conducted another stick calibration and went into my basement (because I live in a NFZ) to see if it was fixed and found that it the right stick for forward movement function was now working.  What is all this about?  
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DJI Mindy
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Probably the RC needs the calibration.
Please test more and if there's any further issue, feel free to let me know.
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New Zealand

I had something similar except my stick was completely dead. Turned out to be bad hall sensor in the controller and needed a new controller.
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