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Inspire one, What to improve?
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I have published a list of cool feature we could dream for the version 2.0 ... camera-in-shanghai/

-Propeller guard option for indoor flight will be a killer advantage
-A way to not disconnect the GPS signal in order to flight in semi open area even if you are around large metal buildings.
-HDMI output on the camera control remote (not only on the master)
-A two camera gimbal and add a small Pip feed to the camera feed to help the operator fly. It’s easy to offer such upgrade as the camera can be exchange
-A way to download the map prior to the flight and not only browsing prior to your flight manually.
-A way to avoid automatic landing gear to deploy when you are flying low, maybe a warning, but it’s sometime too early for some shot.
-On Android, the camera Video/Photo selection is too close to the exit application button
- A way to exchange battery on the controller, the charging time is very long and you cannot flight more than 90 mn with one controller brand new battery, with the time, this may be reduced to one hour. This is also a concern each time I’m taking a plane as the lithium battery cannot be put in check in luggage anymore. I will suggest to buy a second battery charger, maybe we will see soon an external power pack for the remote available…
- A warning about the usb cable to connect the app. This is a special one which carry a lot of power, please take the one provided with the drone to get the app started, if not, it cannot connect. There are actually 3 cable included. I would have preferred a 90 degree usb cable to ensure it will not damaged the micro usb plug.
-Even If you can flight without the tablet, all the parameters and first time setup need the app. Maybe a computer option should be added.
-A way to adjust the maximum speed of pan or move, to be able to follow someone walking for example. Out of the box, this is a terrible fast race device!
-When IOS is selected and position reset, the windows should closed by itself.

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