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Just here to rant and vent my frustrations.
553 1 2017-4-18
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Before I begin, I just want to put it out there that I have absolutely no intention of chasing up on or demanding any sort of compensation, so there is no need for any action to be taken by anyone.

My case was very simple, but it only became more complicated as time dragged on. As many of my fellow drone pilots would know, DJI's repair service is not exactly optimal and having to go through the ordeal of not knowing the condition of your drone is a hellish nightmare. My case started very simply.

I was flying my Mavic pro when suddenly, GPS and RC signal just dropped to oblivion for some unknown reason. I'll point out that I had a full 20 satellite GPS connection before it just dropped to zero while hovering. The drone switched to ATTI mode but since I had no RC signal, it floated about on its own and crashed into a building, falling from over 100m. Naturally, there was severe damage. And so, I shipped it to the nearest repair centre which the support staff told me was in Hong Kong. I got the quotation and paid upfront because I knew how long it was going to to take if I argued for the warranty issue and I had a series of holiday trips lined up.

After waiting nearly a month, I finally received my MavicPro back, only to be disappointed by the repair service. In the quotation, they stated that they charged me for replacement of my Mavic's arm when in actual fact they did not. I only discovered this because I had left my initials carved into the arm under the sticker for the wifi password. After 'replacement', my initials were still there, indicating that they had charged me for services they did not render. Since I had not left markings on the other body parts of the Mavic, I really have no way to tell if they had actually replaced what they claimed to have replaced.

I first emailed DJI regarding the warranty and they requested I send a flight log, after which they stopped contacting me altogether for almost another month. They finally got back to me saying that they reviewed the flight log and that when the drone is flying in ATTI mode, it will not have any GPS function and so the crash is not covered under warranty. They completely failed to even mention the cause of the crash which was the malfunction of the reception hardware that caused the drone to go into ATTI mode. Their words were as such " There is no GPS signal, so the return to home failsafe could not be activated."

Subsequently, after mentioning the issue about the arm replacement on the forum, they quickly contacted me to ask for photo evidence which I promptly provided. The support rep replied saying that she has been informed by the repair team that the arm has been replaced during the repair process without providing proof on their side. So at this point, it was really just my word against theirs. Of course, they said they would be happy to replace the arm if I shipped it to them. This suggestion in itself made no logical or financial sense since the arm was perfectly functional, and the shipping cost alone was thrice the worth of the arm. In the end, their final offer was to throw in a phone sun hood for the Mavic pro which I declined since it still did not cover the cost of the shipping.

Needless to say, I am now thoroughly convinced that DJI is only interested in attracting new customers and have absolutely no intention of trying to keep their current existing ones. I have lost faith in DJI and have utterly and completely destroyed my original intentions of getting the inspire 1 Pro when it becomes available.

Thanks for reading my rant up till now. If you have any similar experiences, please do voice them out and I would love to read about them.
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I would feel just as you do if I were in your position, I sympathize with your situation, and feel deeply sorry for your unpleasant experience.
Thanks for sharing your story with us, we listen to all the feedback on social media, are learning from it and will improve on QA and service so you would have a great time with us.
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