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Diagonal distance value error
502 0 2017-4-23
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Flight distance : 2122467 ft

[size=14.6667px]I have been observing for some flights that I have an error in the parameter that marks the distance in diagonal, the same that warns us when we are less than 10 meters from the height above the ground, this last parameter indicates perfectly, but that of the distance Diagonal gives exaggerated values, for example, at 50 meters diagonally I can dial 2000 meters or do not dial anything, now as far as below 10 puts it exactly. Obviously I have done a calibration and I have uninstalled the DJI application of the tablet and deleted all its folders and then reinstalled but nothing, I have also tested with the mobile and the same thing happens. The P4 is perfect and does not give any error, all other values are correct, GPS, RTH, height, speed, distance in a straight line, speed ascent or descent, etc. I also think that said value must be a calculation of other values, Distance in a straight line on the height, or something, but maybe I'm wrong and either a sensor is wrong or a firmware failure, everything is correct in the calibration. The most curious thing is that since it started to fail there have been a couple of flights that worked perfectly, but then it has failed again.
[size=14.6667px]Does it happen to anyone else?
[size=14.6667px]Sorry for my English.[size=14.6667px]This is what happens to me, does not put anything on me:

[size=14.6667px]Or puts an exaggerated value:

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