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Wiring diagrams
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Since this is under "Pro" tree, I will post this thread since it affects all elements of "configuration" of DJI and other elements. In preface, I will acknowledge that certain proprietary elements are not available. Interfaces require a coordinated efforts and diagrams. The following is a "beginning list" of wiring diagrams required to complete a typical project:
1) pinning diagrams for each interface cable desiganted with a DJI part number.
2) pinning diagram for each "port" on any DJI component.
   a- LightBridge 2
   b- Flight Controller
   c- Landing Gear
   d- Gimbal
   e- Camera

I will use as an example my intention to add a FLIR Duo-R. There is no readily available information regarding implementing the interface between the camera and LB2. I need to make a custom extended cable to allow connection and without any basic information am left SOL. This is not an acceptable blackout of information required to create, test, and implement interfaces to the basic wiring requirements of a device(s). I am also looking at the viability of certain intermediate interface blocks to support variable conditions. Again, SOL

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I too am trying to add a flair duo r onto my Matrice 210Contact me at to discuss if interested
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I am in need of the wiring diagrams noted as I am putting the duo pro r on a tarot x8 with a3 lightbridge 2
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djiuser_YtrzfQEkZ6em Posted at 4-7 05:30
I am in need of the wiring diagrams noted as I am putting the duo pro r on a tarot x8 with a3 lightbridge 2

When I get some time this weekend I will provide these.  I spent many hours figuring this out because as stated above, there is a serious lack of information for people to accomplish this.  

I had a Tarot x4 w/  A3 + LB2 + FLIR Vue Pro + 10x IR Cam + M600 expansion....
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