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P4P Camera Gimbal Replacement?
1000 1 2017-4-25
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United States

Well - it took me a while but I crashed my drone.... hit a power line which was above others which I did not see... arrrrggghhhhh. Oh well. Took it into a local place (Houston) and the guy said he may be able to replace the gimbal bracket and one other part but the screws which hold it all together are jammed into the plastic and he cannot get them out. Long story short - he siad he would need to replace the entire gimbal assembly (I assume it's the entire underside of the drone). He said prices are around $700. He mentioed DJI may be less to fix it. I wanted to know if anyone has had to replace the camera/gimbal on the P4P and if so - how much is it thru DJI?

If anyone has other suggestions - that would be great. I also busted the landing gear so the grand total to repair it localy would be $900. Sounds a bit high, but it may be what it is.

Thanks all,



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John, we are sorry to hear your crash.
Personally, I do recommend you to send it in to our service center, the engineers will help you evaluate it firstly then get it fixed. We will send you an invoice, after payment is confirmed, we'll start to repair it for you.
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