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Weird Goggle specs and other stuff
771 1 2017-4-26
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So I've inspected the Goggle specs a bit further and saw something weird...

Back in 2016 when there was an event where people could try it and when the Mavic was released they told people there would be a "1080p48/60" mode which is only useful for the Goggles. Recording in these modes just looks really bad with the Pixel Binning.
However the specs on the Goggles say "Up to 1080p30 or 720p30, or 720p60 in high framerate mode". That's not the promised 1080p60 people were hearing on the event.

And let's not mention that they are heavily overpriced for what they are essentially doing... A 100$ price drop and it'd be okay.
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I do not feel that they are overprced, being that the highest end fat sharks are $499 and can do less. No head tracking, no touch pad for the go app. Also for folks like me who wear glasses, you dont have to order a diopter lens kit like you do with the Fat Sharks.
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