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S1000+ One Motor fails
516 1 2017-4-28
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Mario A.
Flight distance : 930161 ft


I just made about 10 Flights with my new S1000+, A3 Pro, LB2-Setup. Everything was fine.
Today i made a short testflight, when suddely i heard a sound like when the A3 is switching to another gps module etc. Everything was wobbling and i landed. Props were all turning. Now M4 is inoperative. I tested everything - ESC seems to be ok, flashes green when booting like all others. After checking the ESCs in the DJI Assistent M4 is not working, then it´s working...

What can i do to search for the fault?

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United States

Suggest a further tests:   Unplug and re-plug the M4 cable into the PMU.  I had this problem with my landing gear and it just needed to be re-plugged in.      
Also try this bench test, using the Assistant software:  Plug that troublesome M4 cable into a different M slot and see if the same working/not-working happens.  If it does not show proper response in the new slot, then you have at least isolated it to that particular cable/arm/ESC/Motor
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