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No Image Transmission alert
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Flight distance : 3574003 ft
United States

I am getting the alert for No Image Transmission a lot lately. Sometimes it happens with my P3P sitting on the ground waiting to take off. Other times it happens in the middle of a flight where I would lose the picture or video turns to black and white and freezes then screen goes black. Sometimes it will attempt to RTH if the screen remains black for a period of time. I have manually changed to a different channel in the Go App but the signal channels are all over the place. One second one of the channels has a strong solid signal and then the next its gone or very weak and not stable.
Last week in Flight School, I flew a P4P and an Inspire 1 and never once had a No Image Transmission message pop up and there were three other drones flying in close proximity to where I was flying in flight school. This issue happens just about evertime I fly my P3P and I fly in different locations on every flight.

Do I need to get aftermarket antenna's or perhaps a signal booster. In flight school, I was told I could change the antenna's frequency on the RC from 2.4 to 5.8 but 5.8 was said to be unreliable. Any truth to this?

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