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Burning Hot Battery
334 0 2017-4-28
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Hello DJI forum, recently I purchased a phantom 3 Advanced and an additional battery to go with it. I took it out for the miaden flight today and everything went well except for something that worries me. I was flying on a clear day with minor winds and when I brought the drone down at 35% battery remaining the motors were really hot to the touch. Then when I pulled the battery out it was insanely hot. I could not even hold my finger on the battery for 3 seconds without burning myself. I come from flying race drones and my LiPos never got close to hot, they get just barely warm. I thought this might be a battery issue so I flew the second battery and after landing it at 35% battery. I pulled out the battery and again searing hot temperature. Is this normal? seems like this kind of temperature cannot be good for the battery pack.
Use props
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