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Help with negative altitude with Active Track
560 1 2017-5-1
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I ran into an issue with some of the intelligent flight modes, specifically Active Track. You can see from my illustration below where I lauched my drone at point A and started walking down to point B. Active Track stopped working with the error message being "Aircraft is too low". When I walked back up to point A and regained positive altitude Active Track would work again.

This was a real situation and here are the details. I walked up a sand dune and it was about 20m high at point A and lauched my drone. So it took point A as the base altitude. I wanted to do a side profile Active Track as I walked down the sand dune to point B where my Jeep was. Another scenario for this will be downhill biking with a side profile active track.

Is there a way you get around this?
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I think minimum altitude for active track is a safty feature. The only workaround ist to start the track at the lowest point.
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