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Maiden flight - without mounted camera - gimbal and compass Questions
651 1 2015-3-6
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I just got my I1 a couple of days ago ...
Spent hours and hours on updating firmware, going through the manual and reading up on known bugs (this forum was a big help).
... and today at lunchtime I felt brave enough to do a first test flight.

By now I have done 2 of them ... Both without the camera mounted (just in case) ... And she flies perfectly.

First test flight was with a bit of wind but that hardly made any effect on the bird.
Second flight was almost dead calm ... And oh my god can this thing fly !!!

At the first flight my 4 yo daughter managed to rip the cord out of the transmitter to the pilot app ...
Some panic there until I realized that nothing really happened ... and that the loss of the app didnt effect the way it was flying at all.
I would have liked to find this out in some other way though ...

Some questions that has come up ...

Compass ...
What is the worst case scenario if it has a bad calibration?

Gimbal ...
Can it be mounted when the inspire is turned On or do I have to shut it down (after coming out of travel mode) to mount the camera and then turn it on again?
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Flight distance : 13 ft

Gimbal - there is little bit of current going through it . . . that being said, it would be safest if you had the bird off when attaching/removing.
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