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modifying Canon Z15 gimbal to work with 5d4
476 0 2017-5-8
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I'm attempting to modify the Canon gimbal that's made for the 5D3 on our S1000 to work with the 5D4.  The camera will need to be balanced a bit with weights, but fits just fine.  Only trouble I'm having is that the cord provided for the 5d3 is a mini USB2 plug, but Canon switched to use a USB 3 plug instead on the 5D4.  

The little bit of surgery I've already done has me already over my head but here's what I know:  The DJI supplied USB 2 cord that attaches the camera to the gimbal for downlink video feed is only two wires - a red and white wire.  So that cord must be custom DJI because a normal USB 2 cord has four wires - red, white, yellow, black.  (A mini USB 3 has the same four plus two large power wires).  Now don't ask me how I know - but connecting the DJI red and white wires to the red and white from the inside of a USB3 connected to the 5D4 doesn't work.  

Any advice on what wires to try next, if it's possible, or any other suggestions?

Or, any way to utilize the HDMI out on the 5D4 with this gimbal and downlink system?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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