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#OSMO Pro/Raw Wired Video Adapter Review#
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So my review appears to be if not the last then certainly one of the last to be posted, partly because it took so long to be delivered here in good old blighty, and partly because I wanted to give it a thorough workout before posting anything whilst also working full time as a Nurse Practitioner.

When I discovered I was one of the lucky few selected to test the adapter my first thought was "Where am I going to get an Android phone to test it with?", luckily for me both my sons have recently upgraded their phones so I had the choice of a HTC One M8 and a Sony Experia phone to test with.
The adapter came nicely packaged in the usual DJI style, as pictured.

DJI_0004.jpg    DJI_0005.jpg

After opening the packaging it contains the wired adapter itself, and an instruction booklet which is well written and easy to understand.


The adapter itself has both a USB socket for connecting to your phone or Crystalsky monitor, and a duplicate communications port for conecting toa DJI Focus Wheel.

DJI_0008.jpg    DJI_0009.jpg

At the other end is a communications plug that fits into the X5/X5R base plate.


Finally, on the underside of the adapter is the obligatory text/FCC warnings etc.


Using the adapter couldn't be simpler, just plug it into the X5/X5R base plate, then plug your phone cable from your phone into the USB socket on the adapter.  That's really all there is to it, from here on in you have a low latency direct connection to the DJI Go app on your Android phone or CrystalSky monitor.  There's nothing to configure, no settings to change, no new shooting styles to adapt to, it really is plug and play.  If you know how to use your Osmo Pro/Raw with a wireless connection then you already know how to use it with this new wired adapter.  "It Just Works" is a mantra that people normally associate with Apple but it fits this new adapter perfectly.  It could be argued that for a "pro" solution this should have been/should be included as part of the Pro bundle, and DJI may well do that in the future, but for now it solves a small problem with the Osmo Pro that some are experiencing and it proves that DJI are actively listening to its users and striving to meet their needs and demands.  Well done!

As an addition to this review, the adapter is listed as working with Android devices only, including the new CrystalSky monitors that DJI have released.  Out of curiosity I tried using it with my iPhone 7 Plus and it (kind of) works!  When connected with my iPhone the DJI Go app detected the Osmo Pro as an Inspire Pro.  This means that although none of the software features are available to use (including the configuration of the gimbal speeds etc) I was nevertheless able to take pictures and record video with my Osmo Pro with a low latency connection.  This gives me a bit of hope that we may see support for iOS in the future.

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