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# OSMO Pro/Raw Wired Video Adapter Review# now Reliable and fast ...
874 0 2017-5-16
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Hi, another review.... DJI have given me the chance to test the wired adapter. While all the other reviews kind of cover it all i want to share my observations.
Its Reliable! ive been using the Osmo Raw from day one when the adapter plate came out last summer. There were many times when i had to reboot the device, reopen the wifi settings on the phone etc.. until the system was ready sometimes took way too long to stay calm. It was one of the big drawbacks and a reason not to use the osmo on dificult shoots. Im happy to say, this is history! with the new USB connection the system is ready within 30 seconds Max. while i think it should have been like this from the start on "Pro-Gear", its cool that they come up now with something "Pro" thanks DJI for that.

My Cabling is a bit of a mess and i havent found a way until now to do it better, i will think of it when there is some time.
P1160070.jpg P1160068.jpg

Something that really made me happy is the fact that "focus peaking" now works on my android Phone! im not sure if this is since the new firmware or if it allready worked before, it sure didnt work last summer and i never tried again but this is very helpfull.
The Remote Focus alos works as it should although i did not have problems with it before still very reliable.

So i think the Adapter is a no brainer, it gets rid of most of the problems i had with the Osmo, im very happy with it!

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