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Osmo mobile vs osmo with m1
1196 1 2017-5-16
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Hey guys, i've owned the osmo mobile since release. Unfortunately it was stolen on my last trip to Greece. I'm planning to buy another one but i'm considering buying an osmo grip and then buying the m1 head. Reason being i can use it with a z axis which was my only complaint with the osmo mobile.

The osmo has a external mic plug, if i have a mic attached to it with the m1 head, does the audio record from the mic or from the phone?

Also which z axis is best for the osmo with m1 head. Im assuming the m1 head with cell phone attached is heavier than the x3 camera. Do i go with the normal z axis or the z axis pro?

Am i forgetting about anything else i should be considering. Mind you a osmo mobile is 400 cad. A osmo grip, m1 head and z axis pro would come out to 800 cad. Is the z axis and external mic (if it records with the m1 head) worth a 400$ difference?

Ive included a clip i made with my osmo mobile and s7 edge

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I don't think the z-axis will work with the mobile head, either of them (pro or standard). There's not much tension adjustment and they can't handle weight they we're not designed for.

Not sure about the mic and recording..

Stylish intro to your video, liked that

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