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Z3 vs. X5+14-42zoom
1022 0 2017-5-17
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I have been flying the Inpsire 1 plus X3 for a few years now, and upgraded to the 22-77mm Z3 camera (plus X5 vibration board) last fall. Image quality isnt great, but having the ability to zoom has been awesome, and I never experienced the connection issues a lot of Z3 owners got, its been as smooth as the X3. I recently got to fly with an X5R + a 45mm lens, and the .mp4 footage looked better and more stable than shooting @77mm with the Z3. I am intrigued by the significantly bigger sensor + aperture control on the X5, its a pain having a fixed aperture on the Z3.

What I am wondering right now is if its worth changing to the X5 + 14-42 f3.5 - 5.6 or keep the current Z3. If I sell the Z3 for ~$700 then it'd be a roughly $900 upgrade, cheaper if I can find a used X5.

-would the larger m4/3 sensor be better in lowlight, despite the 14-42 being fairly slow?
-would the flight time per battery be drastically affected vs the Z3?
-has the fitment issues of the 14-42 on the X5 been resolved?
-does the X5 have better stabilization than the Z3 due to larger gimbal motors?
-is the quality difference worth changing cameras or is it not a big bump from the Z3? I know the X5 still has the same 60Mbps bitrate as the X3/Z3 but the .mp4s I saw from it looked significantly better

any input is greatly appreciated, and if someones trying to sell an X5/X5 + 14-42, please let me know
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