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Upgrading to Lightbridge 2 from analog and need help!
590 0 2017-5-22
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United States

I recently purchased a Lightbridge 2 system with an extra ground station controller for my S900 and have a few questions, hoping someone can help.  

I am looking to run 2 cameras on this aircraft, a Flir Vue Pro R Thermal camera and a GoPro Hero 4. Previously I was using an analog 5.8 system with the 2 cameras, 2 video transmitters, 2 video receivers, and 2 monitors. I was running the DJI iOSD Mark II to DJI H-3D Gimbal controller, H4-3D Gimbal, and the thermal on an aftermarket gimbal with a standalone video transmitter.

With a traditional single camera system using the Lightbridge system, does the DJI iOSD module get removed from the aircraft since you can use the DJI GO app?

If so, can I keep the iOSD module to use with thermal camera? I thought it would be helpful to see some telemetry data on the thermal camera's feed.

Lastly, since I have 2 ground station controllers, is there any way to run both cameras to the Lightbridge module so I could do away with the iOSD module completely and have a cleaner set up? I would like to either have picture-in-a-picture with thermal and GoPro, or one ground station for an observer to see the thermal camera output and one ground station for the pilot to see the GoPro output.

If anyone has any ideas or experience with this, I would be very grateful for some advice or help! Thanks!

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