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# OSMO Pro/Raw Wired Video Adapter Review# Low Latency & iOS #
1253 1 2017-5-22
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The DJI OSMO Wired Video Adapter is a pretty neat little thing but is it really an improvement in comparison with wifi?

First of all, have a look on the adapter itself. The male end is, of course, plugged into the OSMO, more precisely in the connection where the DJI Focus Handwheel normally plugs in.

On the other end of the adapter you can find a USB Connection, where the android phone plugs in and a connection for the DJI OSMO Focus Handwheel.

The general appearance is really good and also the build quality is ok.

Now to the practical use.
First of all, where to put this extra cable?
This question is really simple to answer. You can tie it like in the picture below. This works really fine for me.
P2570149.jpg             P2570136.jpg              P2570115.jpg
As we know so far from other reviews this cable is perfect for low latency, but this is very depending on the mobile device. For example, I tested the latency with and without the adapter on a Galaxy s7 edge and an iPhone 7 Plus. Yes, it works with an Apple Device although DJI says it would not work. Unfortunately, the Camera Feed is recognized as Inspire Pro.
In this video, you can see the results of the test.

In Summary, I can say that the difference between adapter and wifi on the Galaxy s7 edge not that big is, but on the iPhone there is indeed a big difference.

Another great advantage from this adapter ist that you can now use the wifi connection from the phone for live streaming.

In my opinion, this cable is a great accessory but DJI could definitely fix the issue with the iPhone that the Camera is recognized as OSMO Pro and not Inspire Pro.

To be continued when the Crystalsky monitor is finally available…

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You have osmo x5 and rode mic . How you fix sound problem ? My osmo is very loud ;/ fan noise . I try mount mic in different positions but always heard it . Please help me . Give me advice. Thansk !
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