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DJI Go App for Android / Mavic Major problem!
804 2 2017-5-24
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Flight distance : 1060853 ft

I have a MAJOR problem with your DJI Go App for Android: it simply stops MID FLIGHT. And then it's impossible to start again. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.

When it does not work the android screen becomes black then the application closes. This happens suddenly and always in flight.
When I try to relaunch the application I see the DJI Go App screen for a few seconds, sometimes I even see the next screen (the one where you have a phantom) but then the application exits.
The application ALWAYS exits after between 2 and 10 seconds.

Things I tried:
- rebooting the phone
- airplane mode on the smartphone (no wifi / data / phone)
- turning on and off the remote control
- turning on an off the Mavic Pro (obvisouly only possible when I manually land the mavic)
- disconnecting and reconnecting the usb cable between RC and smartphone.

My configuration:
Mavic Pro latest firmware
DJI Go 4.0.7
Redmi Note 3 smartphone with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB memory (high end CPU 6-core) running Android 6.0.1

I installed "Shut App" to close all apps before takeoff.

Further notes:
- If I do NOT plug in the usb cable between the RC and the smartphone, the DJI Go app stays open
- If I plug the USB cable between RC and smartphone and turn the drone OFF the app still crashes.
- The problem generally disappears by itself after a while (15-30 minutes) without me doing anything special. I can then make a few flights with no problems before the problem suddenly happens again.
- when I plug in the USB cable my smartphone displays "USB charging" so I believe the cable is OK (I am using the original DJI USB cable).

This is a HUGE problem and in its current state I consider the Mavic not suitable for flying.
Thank you for your support.
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United States

Make sure USB debugging is turned on and disable local video caching.
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Flight distance : 1060853 ft

Jeff7577 Posted at 2017-5-24 03:45
Make sure USB debugging is turned on and disable local video caching.

- USB Debugging activated
- Automatic Screen Rotation disabled

And still DJI Go crashes on my Redmi Note 3. Sometimes it works perfectly and sometimes it completely refuses to work.

I feel very angry with DJI about this situation.
How can I contact DJI support to solve this?
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