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Lightbridge 2 + H3-3D - There has got to be a way...right?!
587 0 2017-5-25
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United States

I have an S900 with A2 flight controller. I just spent a bunch of money on a new thermal camera (Flir Vue Pro R, not XT), Lightbride 2, and an extra ground unit. I'm trying to get my H3-3D gimbal to work with Lightbridge so I can use the GoPro for hi-def streaming and recording, and the new thermal camera wired in to the AV port on Lightbridge. It used to work when using Futaba radios, it's even listed as an option in the A2 assistant software, but for some reason I can't get it to work. I have read that Lightbridge 2 and H3-3D are not compatible but I can't believe DJI would list it as a compatible gimbal in the A2 assistant software and then not have it work with THEIR control system. I also can't believe they would alienate a bunch of their users and force them to buy even more components when switching to a Lightbridge 2 setup.

Has anyone managed to get this combo to work together? Even if I only get pitch control out of the gimbal I will be happy.
Use props
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