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Gimbal Initialisation Problem Leading to Gimbal Motor Overload
526 0 2017-6-1
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United Kingdom


We have an Inspire 1 Pro that we have been using on and off since we got it a year ago, without any previous trouble. I came to update the firmware today, and found that there was something wrong with the gimbal initialisation process. The camera partially orients itself, and then begins to shake and judder. After about 40 seconds, we get the Gimbal Motor Overloaded warning. See video link:

This issue was occurring before and after the firmware update. The firmware is now up-to-date on both drone and RC. I have tried calibrating the IMU, as well as calibrating the gimbal, focus, and compass. Nothing seems to work. The camera feed to the DJI GO app seems to be fine, and when the drone is off, the gimbal can be moved around its axis smoothly. Is this a hardware issue or software issue? It would be great if there was a factory reset or something so that we could try re-installing firmware.

Any help would be massively appreciated.

Many thanks,

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