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Local Governmental Regulations
1320 1 2017-6-2
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Second Officer
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Can anyone provide some links for my reading “pleasure” on how local Governmental Agencies (i.e - Townships, Boroughs, etc.) can state that no drone flights are allowed below 400’ AGL thus basically prohibiting drone flights all together within the Township, but, ignore the fact that planes can fly at 500’ AGL.
How can they publish a limitation on drones, but, knowingly are aware that the FAA states minimum altitude in rural areas is 500’?
I know that there is activity in the Federal Courts, but, nothing that I’m aware of has been heard yet to date and I’m aware that the FAA is claiming that only they can state the operational altitudes of all navigational airspace.
Thanks !!
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Mark The Droner
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This thread is eight months old.

I would search the forums.  If you do that, I think you will learn that the local governments may not regulate your drone flight;  they can only regulate the launch or landing area.  In other words, they can force you to launch and land outside of their limits, but they can't stop you from flying overhead, provided you're not being a nuisance, spying, invading privacy, etc.  Hope this helps.
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